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BEAUTY CREATION Skin Microfiber Headband


The elite skincare sidekick has arrived: Our adjustable, Velcro Beauty Creations Skin Headband!

Frustrating flyways and pesky hairs in your face is no more while you perfect your skincare routine or beat your face. Made with high-quality, washable microfiber material, this headband not only looks and feels luxurious, but its high-quality fabrication ensures that it is gentle on your skin, helping you maintain a clear complexion and flawless makeup application. Don’t settle for anything less – treat yourself with our premium skincare headband today!

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  • adjustable/velcro
  • microfiber material
  • resuable
  • washable
  • helps keep the hair out of the face while applying makeup and skincare or washing your face
Weight 5 oz